Fall’s three MUST have items!

If you are a man who doesn’t identify as “stylish” and your idea of a fall update is getting the latest NFL scores, at least check out these 3 top fall items. They are simple to add to any wardrobe and will update your outfits and get you ready for the new season. Adding just a few staple items each season will help keep you looking fresh and up to date. Now you can back to Sportscentre. 

This is by far the easiest way to add a little interest to your fall wardrobe. Socks may be a small detail, but this season they are making a huge impact. Go for a new and exciting pattern, or a bold and interesting colour! These little guys will call the attention of those around you and make them think “Gee, that guy knows what’s up”. A little glimpse of colour and pattern from under your pant leg is all you need.

The Vest
This traditional item is making a comeback! Think Great Gadsby when you sport a dapper vest under your blazer. Don’t worry! You don’t have to get a vest that matches your blazer, the trend is showing men pairing a vest with a complimentary blazer. (try blue vest and beige jacket, or grey vest and black jacket) Have fun with it! Not to mention that this extra layer will help keep you cozy when the temperature drops.

The Tie
Now, this may be obvious to some but not everyone updates their tie wardrobe! Guys, you’ve got to do this. A great and current tie can make the outfit, add that finishing touch with the right pattern. That old, dingy tie from the early 2000’s has GOT to go. Try a fine floral, or an updated diagonal stripe or even go a little crazy with a two-toned tie!