Jerome’s 8 Denim Tips!

Recently it seems as if we have been putting the majority of our focus blog-wise on the upper half of our wardrobe. The in’s and out’s of ties, Spring suit trends etc. Today we’re going to focus on the lower half of your daily outfit: PANTS! Here are our 8 tips to the perfect pair of jeans. The low down on your lower half, if you will. 

1. Avoid pleats. Not very flattering on most men as they make you look much wider then you are.

2. Slim denim.  Doesn't have to be skin tight but something tapered is far more flattering these days.

3. Mid rise jeans are a universal best fit. (Your underwear should NEVER be visible!)

4. Light wash/Acid wash denim is a wee bit 90’s. A darker wash is a universally flattering look for all shapes, looks modern and is completely versatile.

5. Jeans should have a fit similar to your dress pant. Fitted but not skin tight.

6. Yes, dark jeans are versatile. You can dress them up or down but don’t push it too far. Dark jeans do not translate to dress pants, so you should not be wearing dress shoes with them!

7. Go for a naturally distressed jean! They won’t wear out as quickly so your favourite jeans will last you for years!

8. Length is huge for pants. You want your pants to skim your shoes no longer or shorter!

Hopefully you’ll take our tips into consideration the next time you buy a pair of jeans. We just got in a bunch of new denim from great brands such as Fidelity and Citizens of Humanity. Come into our store at 2603 Yonge St. in Toronto and let us find the perfect denim for you!