Jerome’s Guide to - Bow ties

Last week we discussed the in’s and out’s of ties and hopefully you all were able to pick up some interesting styling ideas and information. This week we want to discuss bow ties. They are a little more difficult to style and many men are apprehensive about wearing them but here at Jerome’s we want you to take the new year by storm and try something new.



Bow ties have been around for centuries, the 17th century to be exact, and have grown to be a huge staple in men’s fashion. Bow ties are no longer a vintage throwback but have come back in style once again. One of our favorite menswear accessories, bow ties can be a great addition to any mans wardrobe. They are a great way to add a fun pop of colour and interest to an outfit. They come in many unique colour, sizes, shapes and fabrics, to express every mans personal style. Were here to give you some styling tips and tricks so you can incorporate bow ties into your current wardrobe.



We get it, it’s a bright coloured bow tie might not be for everyone, but don’t worry you can still rock the look with just a plain black bow tie. Try one with a simple black suit for a more polished and put together look. Black bow ties can also be worn with a simple dress shirt for a more updated and relaxed look.



Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the idea of a bow tie why not get creative? Bow ties can add a pop of colour to a simple look, or amplify a colourful outfit choice. Either way, we think they look fabulous and are an easy way to take your style to the next level. Here’s a tip for styling: Try mixing fabrics. A velvet tie with a tweed suit, or a leather tie with a wool sweater. The options are endless, get creative, you’ll be surprised at the combinations that work.



Make a statement and try a bold print. Do not feel restricted to polka dots or stripes, step out of your comfort zone and try a floral print (perfect for spring) or even animal print (trust us, it can work).



While bow ties come in many different sizes try and find one that is no larger then the width of your cheekbones. The style of tie you go for also needs to be determined in accordance to your body shape. There are three different styles of bow ties. Be careful when choosing as each type can influence the overall look and feel of your outfit.



1. Pointed-end bow tie: A classic look that works for any body type. This looks best with a winged collar.



2. Batwing/Straight end bow tie: This tie looks better on a more slender man and creates a more informal look. It looks best with a standard collar.



3. Butterfly bow tie: this is the most common style of bow tie and perfect for any build or body type.



Self-tied, pre-tied, or clip on ties are the three different types of bow ties. We understand that not every men has the time to tie there bow tie every day so find whichever type best fits your lifestyle. We like the self-tied option best as it offers more freedom with styling as the wearer can choose how loose, tight, put together or relaxed they want the knot and look. Remember to experiment, a tighter tie looks more dapper and put together while a loose knot can dress down the look. Decide which one works best for your outfit!