Jerome’s Guide to - Neck Ties

The donning of a boy’s first tie is considered a rite of passage, when a boy becomes a man. When you’re young it’s something you are forced to wear to horrendous family reunions and baptisms. As time passes they stop symbolizing a noose on childhood freedom and instead become a symbol of importance and prestige. A tie completes a beautiful suit or even dresses up a simple plaid shirt and leather jacket. Depending on the colour and shape, it can express individual style and creativity and says something about the man wearing it. While picking a tie may seem like an easy or mundane task but there are some simple steps every man should follow to make sure he looks his best.

Knots There are many tie knots to choose from, some simple and some very complex. When mastered every knot can make an outfit look polished and complete. Lets stator with some of the basics:


1.The Windsor also known as the “double Windsor” is the most traditional knot.

2. The Half Windsor has the elegance of Windsor with half the effort.

3. Four-in-hand is the perfect knot for a dressed down look.

4. Shelby/Pratt knot has a looser look and is not as large as the Windsor knot. Looks good with any outfit.

Tie care
To minimize wrinkling in your tie try and avoid wearing the same tie 2 days in a row however over time sometimes it becomes difficult if not impossible to avoid wrinkling all together. When this does happen steaming is the best way to carefully get wrinkles out. Unfortunately not all of us have steamers, try hanging your tie in the bathroom while you are taking a shower.