Things you should buy to be ready for Fall!

It’s that time again gentlemen, the leaves change colour and the temperature takes a dip. It’s autumn. For some of us it means Thanksgiving dinner and raking the yard. What it should mean is time to update that closet! Autumn is the most exciting time of the fashion year and this is the perfect time to add a few items to update your wardrobe. Here is the Jerome’s list of top 5 things you should buy to be ready for Fall.

Cable knit sweater

This may seem obvious, to buy a sweater for when it gets cold but a cable knit cardigan is more versatile than ever. It’s not your grandpa’s cardigan! New knits are made fitted, detailed and non-itchy. This item can be worn so many ways; under your sport jacket for a great layered look. With a shirt and tie as an alternative to that boring work outfit. With jeans and a t-shirt for a cozy, casual weekend look. This item is a must buy for the stylish gentleman this season.

Tweed sport jacket with patches

Tweed can be hailed as THE fabric of Autumn/Winter. Its distinguished texture and warmth makes it a staple for the cooler months of the year. How can you make tweed look modern and dapper? Easy. Wear it in a tailored sport jacket with elbow patches. Patches in a contrasting fabric is an amazing trend for this season. Be on the cutting edge of style with this item, turn some heads and get those compliments!

Sleeveless Sweater - aka ‘the vest’

Now, before you laugh and say “That’s not for me” hear us out. We know you like the look of a light v-neck sweater over a shirt, but throw a jacket over that and you’re suffocating. The solution; a vest. Create a look with more layers without bogging yourself down! Nix the sleeves and go for a vest under that jacket. You can even wear it on it’s own, because our vests are fitted and look great. So trust us when we say you won’t look like a nerd with our sweater vests, you’ll look like a studly gentleman.

Coloured denim

Ready to make a statement? Another amazing trend that has staying power is coloured denim. Forget the blue and go for rust, red or forest green! If you’re not that daring, grey is a fashionable but subtle choice. These coloured jeans will draw compliments wherever you go, they are exciting and unique! The best part, its easy to pair these jeans with a great outfit, because many of the colours of fall go perfectly with these hues. Give it a try! We carry coloured denim in your favourite fits and styles.


To risk sounding like a toilet paper commercial, nothing compares to a cashmere sweater. The softness, the quality, the luxury, there is nothing that compares. I know you’re saying, “who has money for that? I’m not some high roller!” but before you reach for that cashmere knock off, consider this. You will spend $250 on a acrylic or blend sweater this year, wear it for a season and next year, it’s pilly. If you’re not convinced, come into the store and just feel just how soft and amazing our fabrics are, and the best part is, THEY LAST!