Top Spring Trends

While the snow may still be falling outside the reality is that, spring is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about updating your wardrobe. Here at Jerome’s were ready to help you with some spring trends. These are some of our favorites! 

Double breasted blazers
This spring take your sport coat to the next level by making it a double, double-breasted that is. A double-breasted topcoat has the elegance of the vintage look but now with a slimmer cut then past styles. We love this look in a navy blue. Your jacket should be tailored not boxy and fit well around the was.

Patterned jackets
At Jerome’s we love the patterned jacket. It adds interest and personality to an outfit. Checks are crucial for spring (but can really be worn all year around). Experiment with different size checks in different shades, or try out different prints like floral or cam! Pair this look with solid colour pants and make the jacket the focus, or be brave and pattern mix!

Here at Jerome’s we love this trend. Bright coloured tops or bottoms are a bold Spring statement. It allows you to express your individual style and add some creativity and interest to an outfit. We understand bold colours may not be for everyone so start small with a muted colour. For the bolder man try a bright orange or yellow! A full blown orange suit is a bit much, this trend strictly calls for a bold top OR bottom. Try a bright red pant with a dark blue jacket, or a green jacket with a grey pant! Colour blocking is a big Spring trend as well but can be tricky to master. Look out for our in-depth “how to” coming next week!

Cuffed trousers
You want to make sure you pants fit you properly, a slim pant like chinos looks best. Cuffed baggy pants make you look more like you’re expecting a flood then surfing the fashion waves. Not only does cuffing your trousers create a nice overall silhouette but they also show off your fancy footwear! Those printed socks were made to be shown off!

(source Pinterest)

I know i know, we’ve been preaching pattern, pattern, pattern for a while now, and while pattern is huge for spring so is the minimalist look: all solids this doesn’t mean the look has to be a grey suit with a bright pink shirt and dark tie, or experiment with pastels, another huge Spring trend. Be bold with colours rather then pattern!

Denim jacket
Denim jackets have been a style staple for decades. While we don’t advise this look for a day at the office, (unless perhaps you work from home) . but it doesn’t mean it has to be drab. throw it on under a sport coat with a pair of bright coloured chinos and your ready to go.

There you have it. Our breakdown of some of our favourite Spring trends. While some may lean more towards the fashion savant there are some that any man can wear with confidence! Many of these styles can be found in our store at 2603 Yonge St. in Toronto.