Wear the Colour Wheel

If you follow us on social media and our blog (if you don’t already, you should) you know that we are always talking about men wearing more colour and colour coordination. I bet you’re wondering exactly how we know what colours go together and which ones don’t, and we’re about to teach you our secrets! It’s all based on the colour wheel! It’s a tool used in colour theory, that artists and designers use to mix and create with colour. We use them in fashion to coordinate outfits and design clothing lines. It’s now your turn to learn how the colour wheel can help you put together outfits and coordinate colours! 

The Basics: Let us introduce you to the colour wheel. It’s a fun little rainbow wheel that is the key to dressing well! We will use this to show you how to pair clothing items.



The complimentary colour scheme is another easy one! You probably learned this in grade 3 art class. Each colour’s compliment is directly across from it on the colour wheel, these usually work well together.